Achieve Mission-Critical Business Outcomes

Predict › Pivot › Fulfill Expectations

Dynamic Control from End-to-end

Proactively manage disruptions, automate corrective business decisions and gain complete supply chain control.

Complete Business Synchronization

Synchronize your inventory planning and forecasting to warehouse, transportation and fulfillment.

Integrated Planning and Execution

Predict disruptions before they occur to pivot production, inventory, and labor in real-time.

Seamlessly Connected Enterprise

Seamlessly integrate your SCM technologies with ERP systems, proprietary and third-party applications.

Operations at Scale and Speed

Gain unmatched business scalability using our SaaS platform built on Microsoft Azure®.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Use predictive capabilities to profitably fulfill demand and exceed customer expectations.
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A Supply Chain without Boundaries

Explore Our Luminate™ Platform

Luminate Planning

Predictive scenario planning that provides complete visibility, automation and control

Strategic Planning

Demand Planning

Supply Planning

Production Planning

Disruption Planning 

Luminate Logistics

Drive effective business outcomes across transportation, warehouse, labor and distribution networks

Warehouse Management

Robotics & Automation

Transportation Management

Labor Management

Logistics Network

Luminate Commerce

Deliver dynamic e-commerce and in-store experiences to consumers right from the start of their shopping journey

Inventory Availability


Category Management

Store Operations

Workforce Management

Empowering Customers to Fulfill Their Potential

Experience end-to-end visibility.
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Leader in ALL 4 Gartner Supply Chain Magic Quadrants

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Relationships Built on Results and ROI


Forecast Accuracy


Productivity Gains


Stockout Reduction


Waste Reduction

Real Results: Customer Use Cases

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Right Products at the Right Place with Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management

"We are routing deliveries for 8000+ stores through the TMS. We're handling the majority of our inbound shipments through the TMS. It's an ingrained portion of our supply chain and it's absolutely critical to delivering."

Director of Supply Chain, Walgreens

Proactive Problem-Solving

BD's Physi-digital Transformation with Control Tower

"Blue Yonder is the critical first step to be the physi-digital transformation. We moved from information from multiple sources to one source of truth. We have less manual work in the tool. It sends up the signals when there's information and when there are issues."

Senior Director, Global Logistics Solution & Optimization, BD

Productivity and Planning at Scale

SaaS at Scale in a Hyper-Growth Industry with Luminate Platform

"We have to know where every product is down every part of our supply chain. Productivity in a warehouse at scale becomes essential in our business and planning. The platform to checked all the boxes for us."


Predictive, Unified Planning

Increased Profitability via Blue Yonder’s Dynamic Segmentation

"Dynamic segmentation is a cornerstone of M&M’s spare parts strategy, integrating demand, inventory and replenishment within a unified planning framework. This has lead to increased profitability in a complex marketplace."

Head of Demand and Supply Planning, Spares Business Unit, Mahindra & Mahindra

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