Blue Yonder Executives and Board of Directors

Blue Yonder Executive Team

Duncan Angove

Chief Executive Officer

Corey Tollefson

President, Worldwide Field Operations

Edward Auriemma

Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer

Nathalie Carruthers

Executive Vice President, Chief Associate Success Officer

Rebecca Collins

General Counsel

Wayne Usie

Executive Vice President - Market Development

Salil Joshi

Executive Vice President - Customer Success

Desikan Madhavanur

Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Dr. Michael Feindt

Strategic Advisor

Blue Yonder Board of Directors

Yasu Higuchi

Chairperson of the Board

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Yasu Higuchi joined Blue Yonder's board after the equity investment from Panasonic in 2020. Higuchi is the CEO of the Panasonic Group’s B2B operations, Panasonic Connect. Higuchi received an MBA from Harvard Business School and spent the following 25 years working at Boston Consulting Group Inc., Apple Inc., Compaq Computer Corporation, and running various companies including Hewlett‐Packard Japan Inc., the supermarket chain Daiei Inc., and Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd., before returning to his current position at Panasonic.

Hide Harada

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Hide Harada is currently a Director, Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Panasonic Connect. His long career at Panasonic has included roles managing corporate strategy at the Panasonic corporate HQ, directing the IT Products Business Unit, VP of Panasonic Corporation of North American, and working in the company’s PC business in both the U.S. and U.K. With his wealth of global business experience, he drives the digital transformation of Panasonic.

Tak Nishikawa

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Tak Nishikawa is currently a Director, Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Panasonic Connect where he is also in charge of the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion promotion program. He joined Panasonic in 1994, and has experience working in the company’s U.S. and European system solutions sales companies.

Nobu Shinya

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Nobu Shinya is currently a Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of Panasonic Connect, where he is in charge of HR strategy and general affairs. He joined Panasonic in 1992 and has extensive experience in the HR departments of the company’s B2B and system solutions businesses.

Yuki Yamaguchi

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Yuki Yamaguchi is currently a Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Panasonic Connect. Prior to her current role, she has had a series of marketing leadership roles at various IT companies including IBM Japan, Yahoo Japan and Cisco Systems. She also supports the evolution of marketing in Japan as chairman of the Digital Media Committee of the Japan Advertisers Association (JAA).

Board Advisors

Eugene Delaney

Nadia Shouraboura

Nadia Shouraboura joined the board of directors in 2020. She is a senior advisor at New Mountain Capital. From 2012-2018, she was the Founder and CEO of Hointer, now a part of an Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers, which launched a new kind of retail format featuring the world's most advanced supply chain and shopping technologies. Prior to Hointer, from 2004-2012, she served as Technology Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Fulfillment Platform for Amazon and also served on Jeff Bezos' senior leadership team responsible for overall direction and operations of Amazon. She has also held various roles at several companies, including Exelon Power, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants and Robcad. She has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from both Moscow State University and Tel Aviv University and a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University.

Yannis Skoufalos