Workforce Management

Transform your employees into strategic assets — by maximizing their contribution to financial and service goals

What if you could harmonize your forecasting with scheduling and keep your employees engaged?

With JDA Workforce Management solutions, you can.

In today’s competitive workforce marketplace, associate engagement and empowerment is critical.  Organizations across industries must focus on retaining and recruiting the best of the best talent by providing flexibility to match changing employee preferences.   Today’s workforce has different expectations - some associates favor predictable schedules while others value flexibility in the ‘gig’ economy.  By providing your workforce flexible scheduling options, they will stay engaged and perform at high levels raising your organization’s performance.   

JDA’s Workforce Management SaaS-based solutions transform your employee team into one of your greatest strategic strengths by harmonizing labor forecasting and scheduling for short-term and long-term periods. Robust capabilities can be extended across industries including task management and built-in integrations that work with your warehouse labor management needs to forecast long-range staff planning which increases the productivity of your workforce.  

JDA Workforce Management’s complex scheduling and forecasting capabilities are delivered in harmony with building strong associate engagement resulting in fully optimized, cost effective solutions.  JDA makes your workforce work, for any industry!  

Want to identify and understand the opportunities in your business? We invite you to complete a comprehensive and complimentary Workforce Management Self-Assessment to benchmark your company against the very best. 

Engaged Employees

Increasing employee engagement improves productivity and reduces turnover and training costs.
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Increased Employee Engagement

Compliant Schedules

With JDA Workforce Management, you can empower managers and reduce labor violations and exceptions.
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Reduced Labor Violations

Optimized Operations

Empower managers with optimized scheduling and forecasting tools so they can get back in the business of managing your workforce.
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Reduced Administration Costs

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